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Leak of sensitive data from Europol according to hacker claims

Artificial intelligence and preventive measures at the center of the cybersecurity debate

A hacker hacked Europol data and put it up for sale on an online forum. Confidential data was exposed, including employee personal details and internal documents.

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A hacker known as IntelBroker announced on Breach Forums, a well-known underground platform, that he had carried out a cyber attack against Europol. In a detailed post, the hacker put up for sale data allegedly stolen from the EU agency dedicated to fighting cybercrime. IntelBroker cited a breach that occurred in May 2024, which allegedly exposed confidential and classified data, including employee personal information and FOUO (For Official Use Only) source code.

Details about the compromise of sensitive information

According to what the cybercriminal shared in the post, a variety of entities within Europol have been compromised. IntelBroker lists various affected segments of the Agency, including the CCSE (Joint Center for European Security) and the EC3 division, which specializes in cryptocurrency issues. On top of this, PDF documents and operational guidelines were stolen, making the breach particularly worrying for the internal security of the EU.

Sales requirements and payment security

In an attempt to market the stolen data, the seller specified that it will only accept offers in Monero (XMR), a cryptocurrency valued for its anonymity. Furthermore, it requires potential buyers to demonstrate financial availability before proceeding with the sale, limiting access to information only to Breach Forums users who can provide guarantees about their financial reliability and intentions. IntelBroker emphasizes that it will not accept time wasters or users with basic login credentials.

Answers and reflections on cybersecurity

This incident raises significant concerns about the vulnerability of institutions, prompting an immediate rethink of security policies globally. The Europol data breach serves as a stark warning about the importance of implementing robust security measures and investing in advanced technologies to protect sensitive information. Government institutions in particular are challenged to harden their systems against similar attacks in the future, thus ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of critical data.

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05/12/2024 11:08

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