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New series of DDoS attacks hit Italian IT infrastructures

Cyber attacks persist: CNS and main infrastructures targeted by hacktivists

The hacktivists of NoName057(16) hit Italian services such as CNS, airports and transport with DDoS attacks. Anonymous Italia reacts with "deface" to the sites. Hacktivists act for ideals, but take legal risks.

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Following the cyber attacks that began on Monday, the NoName057(16) hacktivists continue unabated in their efforts to attack Italian IT infrastructures. The CNS (National Services Charter) and the Linate and Malpensa airports suffered interruptions following the attacks carried out today, around 08:17. Operating with Distributed Denial-of-service (DDoS) techniques, the group boasted of its work by emphasizing the blocking of online services by affectively connecting their direct action against strategic Italian resources.

New targets in the sights of hacktivists

In the afternoon, around 4.32pm, it was the turn of other key nodes in the Italian service network. Among them, the electronic services of the Revenue Agency and the public transport systems of Siena, Turin and Cagliari, as claimed by the hacktivists. They included them in their list of attacks, along with the port operations of the city of Trieste. The series of attacks continue to keep the attention of national cybersecurity authorities.

Anonymous Italy and the response to the attacks

In the Anonymous Italia Telegram channel, in response to a previous article of ours, an imminent sequence of "defaces" (acts of digital vandalism) was announced as a reaction to the attacks by NoName057(16). The group has already carried out "defacement" operations on Russian sites, illustrating a form of hacktivist counterattack.

Definition and implications of hacktivism

Hacktivism is a practice that combines hacking and activism, aiming to promote social or political ideals through the expert use of information technologies. Unlike real cybercrime, motivated by lucrative and harmful ends, hacktivists generally mobilize to raise awareness on issues such as freedom of expression and access to information. Although they may be motivated by noble intentions, the actions of these digital activists are not free from legal consequences and risk resulting in illicit acts subject to legal persecution.

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02/17/2024 13:30

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