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Overcoming silos in cybersecurity: the role of mWISE

Promote cooperation and common understanding among industry professionals for more effective cybersecurity

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The cybersecurity industry is currently grappling with a significant problem: fragmentation. According to ISSA, the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, 77% of industry professionals express the need for greater industrial cooperation. This desire arises mainly from the overabundance of available solutions. Just think that companies with more than 5,000 employees have to manage an average of 76 different security tools, an increase compared to 64 in 2019 (as revealed by Panaseer).

Collaboration between professionals: a key aspect to improve

The industry is also challenged by the lack of collaboration between industry professionals. A recent study conducted by Panaseer revealed a worrying picture: 43% of security professionals have little or no understanding of the metrics, policies and risk tolerance used by their colleagues, despite 99% of them recognizing the value of such information.

mWISE: a new chapter for cybersecurity cooperation

Enter mWISE, Mandiant's Worldwide Information Security Exchange, now part of Google Cloud, to overcome these challenges. mWISE is an event, scheduled for the period 18-20 September 2023 in Washington DC, where sector security experts, coming from both the public and private sectors, will be able to live a collaboration experience never seen before.

A change of perspective: community instead of sellers

The isolation problem is not the only one mWISE aims to solve. ISSA's Candy Alexander states that “73% of cybersecurity professionals believe that vendors overemphasize the promotional over the substance,” causing confusion and stress for CISOs. Consequently, mWISE's approach is not focused on suppliers, products or sales, but on the community. The goal is to create a neutral and welcoming space, where the best in the business can meet in person (or online) to gain new insights. mWISE prioritizes inclusiveness, welcoming voices and viewpoints from across the cybersecurity landscape. Finally, in an innovative community move, the organizers invited the public to suggest ideas for key themes and speakers, thus fostering an open and participatory dialogue.

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06/08/2023 22:19

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