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Security incident for AnyDesk software

Strengthened security and preventative actions following the AnyDesk cyber breach

Remote desktop service AnyDesk suffered a cyber attack following an internal audit. The company is taking action with security measures, such as certificate cancellation and replacement, and advises users to change passwords and update software.

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Following an internal security audit, popular remote desktop service AnyDesk is facing the consequences of a cyber breach. The attack has in fact compromised the internal production systems of the German provider. Although the extent of the attack was not specified in terms of ransomware or similar, the authorities have been notified and containment operations are already underway.

Containment and safety measures adopted

AnyDesk has taken drastic measures to contain any potential post-attack risks. These include the cancellation of safety certificates and the replacement or repair of affected systems. It was also announced that the old code certificate will be revoked in favor of the upcoming new one, increasing the security level of distributed binary software.

Recommendations for AnyDesk users

The software developers are encouraging users to reset their credentials for the My.AnyDesk web portal, especially if they suspect that the same passwords used may have also been used on other sites or services. In addition, it is suggested to download the updated version of the program, which will include new security measures thanks to the renewed signature certificate.

Confidentiality of user data and next steps

To date, there is no evidence that the information of AnyDesk end customers has been compromised. Despite this, the company is committed to keeping its guard up and placing safety as its top priority. With a user base that includes major companies such as Samsung and Thales, the speed and effectiveness of the security measures adopted by AnyDesk are essential to guarantee peace of mind and data protection for all its customers.

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02/04/2024 10:24

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