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Massive data exposure: global breach discovered

Incredible security incident: 26 billion data exposed

A 12 terabyte database with 26 billion sensitive records has been exposed online. Researchers recommend strong passwords and multi-factor authentication to protect yourself.

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An unprecedented event has shaken the cybersecurity community: researcher Bob Dyachenko and the CyberNews team have identified a data leak of colossal proportions, dubbed MOAB due to its extent. This is a 12 terabyte database with sensitive information, an amount that reaches an alarming 26 billion records. A portion of this data, according to initial analyses, may have been exposed for the first time, increasing the seriousness of the fact.

Massive dataset with sensitive information at risk

The compromised information concerns users' personal and professional details, such as name, address and telephone numbers, login credentials and financial data. The origin of the data set appears to be rooted in prestigious and widespread platforms such as Tencent, Weibo, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as in storage systems such as Dropbox and services such as Adobe and Canva, also affecting accounts on Telegram. The leak also includes government data from several countries, a detail that raises alarm about the possible international scope of the problem.

The defense: tips for safeguarding data

Researchers, faced with this threat, have intervened with essential recommendations to protect the security of personal data: the use of elaborate passwords and the activation of multi-factor authentication are strongly recommended. It is essential to be vigilant in the face of attempted phishing and spear phishing attacks, and it is recommended that you examine your credentials for possible repetitions and replace them with unique and secure passwords.

Implications of the unpleasant event

The deluge of leaked data can serve as an arsenal for cybercriminals to orchestrate large-scale credential stuffing attacks by leveraging the accumulated credentials. The danger of potential malicious actions such as identity theft and targeted breaches of sensitive accounts is clear. The community of experts is now called upon to carry out an in-depth analysis to identify the origin and extent of the data leak, in an attempt to counteract effective mitigation actions.

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01/25/2024 14:59

Marco Verro

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