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Discovery of vulnerable e-commerce sites internationally

Security measures against the increase in attacks on online sales sites

The recent operation by Europol and Enisa uncovered measures against "digital skimming" which steals sensitive data from e-commerce sites. They suggest precautions such as updating systems and using protective technologies such as 3D Secure.

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Recent joint operations by Europol and Enisa revealed the compromise of 443 e-commerce sites in Europe and the United States. The cyber attack phenomenon known as digital skimming has affected 16 European nations, excluding Italy. This pair of agencies highlighted how the number of sites affected is just the tip of the iceberg of a larger problem, where cybercriminals operate in the shadows by exploiting vulnerabilities to profit from online transactions.

Definition and hidden mechanisms of digital skimming

Digital skimming, comparable to the installation of fraudulent devices on ATMs, aims to steal sensitive data during online transactions. This attack is based on vulnerabilities in the e-commerce sites or third-party plugins used. The elusiveness of this practice lies in its ability to operate without generating suspicion, thus making anomalies difficult to identify for both users and site managers.

Tips for personal protection against web skimming

Individual defense against web skimming has limitations due to the sophistication of the attacks, as cyber security expert Pierluigi Paganini explains. Although updating systems and using anti-malware are recommended, they do not guarantee complete protection. Using the example of the attack on British Airways in 2018, Paganini suggests using bank cards equipped with protective technologies such as 3D Secure, which introduces an additional level of verification during online transactions.

Precautions and tactics for e-commerce

E-commerce site managers are recommended to adopt proactive security measures, following the principles outlined by Paganini. Regularly updating software, using firewalls dedicated to blocking malicious traffic, and constantly monitoring changes to the underlying software are keys to mitigating risks. These procedures require periodic reviews and cannot be static. From his point of view, Paganini reassures that Italy is active in countering these threats and works in synergy with international agencies.

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01/24/2024 16:43

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