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Difficulty in accessing italian users via SPID on EU Login

Interoperability of digital identities: nodes and disservices in the SPID authentication system for Italian users

Many Italians are having problems accessing European web services via SPID, due to a persistent error. At the root of the problem would be the Italian eIDAS node, still in the process of being updated. This latest delay is negatively impacting users' job opportunities.

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Italian users are encountering obstacles in the authentication process at the EU Login portal through the SPID system, a feature that allows the use of European Commission web services such as Erasmus+ or Europass. Unlike other member states, which appear not to be affected by this problem, Italy is dealing with an error message that prevents access, a situation that has persisted since October. Users attempting to register via email then encounter further barriers if they have previously used SPID, with reports of complete inability to access the affected platforms.

Technical issues with the eIDAS system being updated

At the center of the issue is the Italian eIDAS node, a fundamental system for the European-wide interoperability of digital identities. The platform is experiencing a transition phase towards a new update, as reported on the official portals. As a result, there are disruptions that also affect the online support system for users. The Agency for Digital Italy (AgID), responsible for the digitalisation and updating of infrastructures, has communicated that these inconveniences are linked to the ongoing technological migration process.

Delays in the evolution of the Italian eIDAS node

Discussions on the forums indicate that Italy is late in adopting the most recent versions of the eIDAS node. While Europe reached release 2.7 in September 2023, Italy remains at version 1.4.3 from September 2018. Users express frustration with the long wait times and resulting inconveniences, underlining the importance of promptly updating infrastructure to avoid obstacles to employment and educational opportunities.

Impact on the search for job opportunities

There have been various appeals to the AgID by citizens for whom the inability to access the Europass site has precluded the opportunity to update their professional information and participate in tenders. In October, the expression of regret was clear in the comments of users who expected a more agile response from the national digitization system. The outage continues to significantly impact the professional lives of many Italians, with the hope that a solution will be reached quickly.

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01/08/2024 17:53

Marco Verro

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