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Cyber intrusion hits Yakult Australia and New Zealand

DragonForce releases 95GB of leaked data: Buttonware known for production of popular probiotic beverage

The well-known company Yakult Australia was the victim of a cyber attack. The "DragonForce" criminal group claimed responsibility for the raid, during which 95GB of company data was allegedly stolen and subsequently disclosed. Despite the accident, the company's offices are operational. The investigations are ongoing.

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Yakult Australia has confirmed that it has been the victim of a cyber incursion, as reported to BleepingComputer. The attack affected both the Australian and New Zealand IT systems of the company that produces the popular probiotic drink. Following the incident, cybercriminal group DragonForce said it leaked 95 GB of company data. Yakult, introduced in Japan in 1935 and now popular globally, is known for its benefits on digestion and the immune system.

Yakult under attack, investigation underway

In an official communication, David Whatley, director of Yakult Australia, expressed that the company became aware of the incident on the morning of December 15th. It is currently not yet clear how the attack occurred and its extent remains under investigation. Despite the inconvenience, it is confirmed that offices in both countries remain open and functioning. A notice explaining the current situation is now visible on the Yakult Australia website.

DragonForce claims the attack and filters data

The cyber criminal collective calling itself 'DragonForce' claimed responsibility for the attack on Yakult Australia through its website accessible via the Tor network. On December 20, the group threatened to disclose 95.19 GB of data, a promise it later kept. The theft reportedly included company database data, contracts, passports and other confidential information. Preliminary analysis of the leaked material appears to contain documents of a corporate and identifying nature.

DragonForce: an emerging group in the cybercriminal landscape

There is limited information available about 'DragonForce'. The group has so far listed 20 targets on its data leak site, dubbed 'DragonLeaks'. The layout of the site suggests a practice of extortion followed by the public dissemination of the stolen data in the event of non-payment, similar to that adopted by other cybercriminal organisations. There is no confirmation of the group's association with the hacktivist collective DragonForce Malaysia, known for previous attacks against government entities in the Middle East.

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12/27/2023 11:05

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