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Kraft Heinz investigation into possible data theft by ransomware

Cyber attack under investigation: Kraft Heinz targeted by Snatch ransomware group

Global company Kraft Heinz is under investigation for an alleged cyberattack by ransomware group 'Snatch'. The latter included Kraft Foods in their victim list, although without providing concrete evidence of the attack. Kraft Heinz, however, detected no problems in its corporate network. 'Snatch' uses a double extortion method: it encrypts the data and threatens its publication unless a ransom is paid.

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Global food company Kraft Heinz Co. has launched an investigation into an alleged cyberattack by a ransomware group. The incident was made public when the Snatch group listed Kraft Foods as its victims on a dark web classifieds site. Despite this, no concrete evidence of the attack was provided.

Response from Kraft Heinz regarding the cyber attack

A Kraft Heinz spokesperson confirmed to Bleeping Computer the ongoing investigation into an alleged attack on an outdated marketing website to see if it was related to Snatch's claims. However, the company stressed that it had not detected any problems in its corporate network.

The modus operandi of the Snatch group

Snatch is a group that favors the ransomware-as-a-service model, providing ransomware to paid affiliates to conduct attacks. In the past, they have already targeted critical sectors such as defense, food, agriculture and IT. The method used involves the use of double extortion: encrypting the data and threatening its publication if the ransom is not paid.

Preventive measures against ransomware attacks

While the details of Snatch's access to Kraft Heinz data remain uncertain, it is critical that organizations remain vigilant. By following guidance from the FBI and CISA, Snatch ransomware attacks can be simulated to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen response to security incidents, significantly reducing risk for exposed businesses.

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12/15/2023 03:10

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