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Network Perception and Claroty: innovative alliance for industrial cybersecurity

Strengthening cybersecurity in critical infrastructures through advanced synergies

The companies Network Perception and Claroty have collaborated to enhance the security of critical infrastructures, integrating their technologies to prevent cyber attacks.

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In the critical infrastructure security landscape, two leading companies, Network Perception and Claroty, have announced a strategic collaboration. The goal of this alliance is to strengthen the protection of industrial systems and control networks, crucial to national security and operational efficiency. The synergy between Network Perception solutions, oriented towards network configuration analysis, and Claroty's industrial cybersecurity platform, aims to offer unprecedented visibility into potential threats affecting critical infrastructures.

A step forward in the security of critical infrastructures

The integration of Network Perception and Claroty products aims to provide operators of critical infrastructure with advance verification of the impact changes to network configuration may have on security. This synergy will allow us to generate real-time risk assessments and obtain a holistic view of the network, which is essential for identifying vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before they represent a concrete risk.

Benefits of the Network Perception-Claroty collaboration

The integration is designed to facilitate the work of information security officers (CISOs) and their teams by offering immediate tools for identifying and mitigating risk. The combined tools of Network Perception and Claroty will enable continuous security scans and analytics, which are key to maintaining infrastructure resilience and reducing downtime due to cyber attacks.

Towards a future of secure interconnection

As the digital age advances, protecting critical infrastructure becomes increasingly complex and strategic. The integrated approach taken by Network Perception and Claroty marks an important step towards a proactive defense strategy. The convergence of their technologies provides an advanced response to the challenges posed by the interconnection of networks and the growing number of threats targeting sectors vital to society and the economy.

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11/13/2023 13:57

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