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Risks of AI in technological warfare: the chinese threat

The risks of chinese technological supremacy and the impact on AI in technological warfare

The FBI and the White House warn of the danger of artificial technologies and artificial intelligence, which can be used against them and harm local businesses. China is identified as the main security threat.

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The new Cold War has arrived, but this time with smarter machines.

The danger of artificial technologies according to the FBI and the White House

In a recent alert, both the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the White House warned about technology being used against them, a phenomenon that is already costing local businesses billions.

The risks of artificial intelligence according to experts

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are highly sought after and full of promise, but security experts say they can be exceptionally dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands.

China identified as the main security threat

According to experts gathered at the summit organized by the FBI and the Hoover Institution, the greatest current security threat comes from China.

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10/18/2023 14:03

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