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Google: news for the security of Android and iOS users

An important series of improvements for the security and privacy of both Android and iOS users

In celebration of Cyber Security Month, Google announced three new improvements for users. On Android it will be possible to delete browsing data from the last 15 minutes, Google Password Manager will become the default provider for passwords on iOS and it will be easier to access the report on the dark web.

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Google has announced some new security features on the occasion of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The goal is to lighten the security burden on users. First, Android users will have the ability to quickly delete the last 15 minutes of browsing history, along with site data and recent tabs. Additionally, Google Password Manager will become the default provider for password autocompletion on iOS. Finally, the company will make it easier for all users to access the reporting feature on the dark web.

New quick clear browsing history option for Android

Android users will soon have the ability to quickly clear the last 15 minutes of their browsing history, along with site data and recent tabs. This change allows users to have a shorter cancellation option, as previously the minimum period was one hour. To access this option, users will need to click on the three dots in the top right corner of their Chrome browser and select the "clear browsing data" option.

Google Password Manager as the default password auto-completion provider on iOS

Google Password Manager, built into the Google app, gives users an easy way to securely save their passwords and log in faster. Now, iOS users will be able to set it as their auto-complete provider so the Google app can help them quickly fill in passwords on any app or website.

Simplifying report access on Google's dark web

Google is making it easier for users to access the dark web report, which allows you to see if a Gmail address has been exposed on the dark web. The report will be made accessible in your account menu in the Google app. Users simply log in to the Google app, tap on their profile photo to open the menu, and find the dark web report. Currently available on Android, it will soon arrive on iOS too.

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10/12/2023 16:33

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