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Cybersecurity strategies for the Paris 2024 Olympics

Challenges and solutions to ensure cybersecurity of global sporting events

The article examines cybersecurity for the Paris 2024 Olympics, the importance of data in the sporting world, the solidarity projects of the Yellow Flames and the proposals for an Authority that monitors the accounts of professional clubs in sport.

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Cyber security represents a crucial element, especially in view of the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics, in a turbulent geopolitical context. Giovanni Malagò, president of CONI, highlighted the intensity of the cyber attacks suffered during the previous editions of the Olympic Games in Tokyo and Beijing. 815 hacker attacks per second were recorded in Japan, an alarming figure that required as many as 7 billion counter-actions to maintain system stability. In response, in Paris, they are already working to sign memoranda of understanding with the postal police, involving federations and sports bodies in a training program on cybersecurity.

The importance of data in the sports world

The deputy director general of the National Cybersecurity Agency, Nunzia Ciardi, has raised an alarm regarding cyber crime aimed at sports clubs, which manage enormous quantities of sensitive data. The decentralized structure of this data represents a systemic weakness, especially for medium and small sports entities, which often lack the funds necessary for significant investments in cybersecurity. The ransomware phenomenon, which resulted in ransoms of over a billion dollars in 2023, highlights the need to protect IT infrastructures, which is fundamental to guarantee the protection of the data of young athletes and the clubs themselves.

The social balance sheet of the Fiamme Gialle: sport and solidarity

The 2023 social budget of the Fiamme Gialle, presented at the "Vatican House of Sport" in Palazzo San Callisto, highlights not only the competitive successes, but also the numerous solidarity and inclusion initiatives. Over the course of the year, 55 projects were carried out involving over 20,000 people including students, young athletes and enthusiasts. The Commander of the Fiamme Gialle Sports Center, Gen. B. Appella, underlined how the value development of sport is a fundamental asset, highlighting the institution's constant commitment to promoting legality, environmental education and support for socially disadvantaged.

Autonomy and governance in sport: the debate on the Authority

The minister for sport and youth, Andrea Abodi, raised the issue of the separation of powers in the sports system, criticizing the lack of impartiality guaranteed by Covisoc. The government plans to introduce an authority to monitor the accounts of professional clubs, a measure seen by some as a failure of self-regulation. Abodi insisted on the need for clear criteria for sanctions and licensing, while respecting the autonomy of the sector. Furthermore, a tightening of the Daspo penalties is expected with mechanisms that could also influence the social life of fans, to protect those who behave in compliance with the rules. Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis has urged government intervention to reduce the number of teams in Serie A, promoting more efficient management of the championship.

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05/24/2024 09:46

Marco Verro

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