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Cyber ​​incidents

Massive data theft in Argentina: millions of driving licenses compromisedLarge-scale data breach shakes Argentina: privacy and national security at riskA hacker breached Argentina's driving license database, exposing data on 5.7 million citizens, including senior officials. He demands a ransom to return the data, highlighting serious flaws in the country's cybersecurity.

The complexity of the fight against digital piracy in ItalyTechnical and legal challenges in blocking online piracy using IP and CDN filtering systems in ItalyThe article discusses the technical and legal issues of the Piracy Shield anti-piracy tool, highlighting how blocking CDN IPs can limit access to legitimate content. It offers more precise filtering methodologies.

Hacker attack impacts Microsoft and US federal agenciesNational security implications and strategic responses to credential theftHackers linked to Russia stole Microsoft credentials, risking the security of US agencies. CISA called for immediate action. The attack is linked to the Midnight Blizzard group. Analysis underway to mitigate damage.

Preventing phishing attacks: crucial insight from the LastPass teamAn attentive employee averts an advanced phishing attempt through vigilance and alertnessLastPass employee foiled a phishing attack that used an audio deepfake of the CEO. Caution and critical thinking are essential against cyber fraud and the use of deepfakes.

iPhone security alert: new spyware foundApple tightens security measures for iPhone usersApple has warned iPhone users in 92 countries about spyware attacks that try to compromise devices remotely. They recommend keeping iOS up to date, using Lockdown Mode, and offer support through Amnesty International.

Security alert for gamers: cyberattacks on Activision platformsActivision players in the crosshairs: the alert is growing for infiltration and data theft through third-party softwareRecently, Activision gamers have been victims of hackers through malware spread via third-party software, such as game cheats. Breaches include credential theft and cryptocurrency. Activision supports the victims and says its servers are safe.

Piracy Shields code revealed: amidst criticism and vulnerabilityPiracy Shields cybersecurity under attack reveals critical issues and sparks debate about web censorshipPiracy Shields, Agcom's anti-piracy tool, has been hacked and its source code published on GitHub. This raises controversy about censorship and security. Radical measures required to protect users.

Significant transaction on Tornado Cash after cyber attackMarket dynamics and security: current evolution in cryptocurrencies and online gamblingThe article discusses a major Ethereum transfer to Tornado Cash after a hack, raising security questions. He also talks about the success of the innovative Scorpion Casino in the world of online gambling and calls for greater security and transparency in the cryptocurrency industry.

Security alert: hacker attack on Discord botsAn in-depth analysis of vulnerabilities and countermeasures in the context of cyber attackRecently, a popular Discord bot portal suffered a hacker attack that put users' security at risk by injecting malicious code into the bots. The platform reacted quickly to protect users and improve security.

Firebase: 19 million credentials exposed due to a simple errorA large-scale misconfiguration puts the personal information of millions of users at riskA breach in Firebase exposed 19 million passwords and 125 million sensitive data. Analyzing over 5 million domains, 916 vulnerable platforms were found with 223 million records at risk. Only 1% of the companies contacted responded. The urgency of improving security measures is highlighted.

Cybersecurity challenges and strategies: the CISA case and vulnerability managementVulnerabilities, updates and training: key components in the fight against cyber attacksThe article discusses the importance of proactive cybersecurity management, highlighted by an attack on CISA due to outdated Ivanti systems. It highlights the need for timely updates, staff training and constant monitoring.

Cyber intrusion by a russian group: Microsoft in the crosshairsSecurity compromised: Microsoft faces attack from notorious russian cybercrime cellMicrosoft has been hit by a cyberattack from Midnight Blizzard, linked to Russia. Hackers have access to source code and company data, but without compromising customer services. Microsoft is notifying affected customers and taking security measures.

Cyber-attack hits the iconic Duvel MoortgatNightly barrage of cyberattacks brings the Belgian brewing giant to its knees, taking radical cybersecurity measuresDuvel Moortgat has been hit by a cyber attack, causing production to be suspended. The attack was claimed by Stormous. The company is working to resume operations and prevent future attacks, highlighting the importance of cybersecurity.

Mogilevich's double game in the shadow of Epic GamesThe veil is lifted on Epic Games' data hoaxA group called Mogilevich simulated a ransomware attack against Epic Games, pretending to have stolen data. In reality, they wanted to scam other hackers, not Epic Games.

Lazarus: sophisticated battle exploits zero-day security flaw in WindowsAnalysis and response to critical vulnerability revealed in WindowsThe Lazarus hacker group exploited a zero-day vulnerability in Windows to carry out attacks. Microsoft has released a patch to fix the problem. Experts recommend updates and vigilance for IT security.

Cyberespionage revealed: China's extended digital surveillanceMassive digital surveillance and influencing operation operated by Chinese entities discoveredA leak has revealed that China uses sophisticated surveillance and propaganda methods against dissidents, spending heavily to spread false information and spy via malware.

LockBit's response to FBI actionsLockBit's technological revenge: post-attack updates and awarenessThe LockBit organization, after being attacked, reveals that it had a security flaw due to an outdated version of PHP and urges systems to be updated.

LockBit's tenacious activity despite global investigationsChallenges and countermeasures in the war against the LockBit cyber criminal groupLockBit, a cybercriminal group, continues to launch attacks despite international legal action. Security specialists have discovered new vulnerabilities exploited by the group and Trend Micro analyzes an advanced version of their malware.

New series of DDoS attacks hit Italian IT infrastructuresCyber attacks persist: CNS and main infrastructures targeted by hacktivistsThe hacktivists of NoName057(16) hit Italian services such as CNS, airports and transport with DDoS attacks. Anonymous Italia reacts with "deface" to the sites. Hacktivists act for ideals, but take legal risks.

Ransomware paralyzes over 100 hospitals in RomaniaImpact of the cyberattack on the national healthcare system and actions takenA ransomware attack hit the Hipocrate platform in Romania, paralyzing over 100 hospitals. The criminals demanded a ransom of 3.5 BTC (~$100,000). Authorities recommend not paying and isolating infected systems.

Data integrity compromised in known VPNSecurity and data privacy implications of vulnerabilities in ExpressVPNA flaw in ExpressVPN's software caused user data to be leaked. The vulnerability was promptly patched and the company reaffirmed its commitment to privacy. The incident highlights the importance of security in VPNs.

National security breached: chinese hackers infiltrate Dutch MODThe cyber incursion undermines the integrity of Dutch systems and raises global security issuesChinese hackers used malware called "Coathanger" to infiltrate Dutch Ministry of Defense systems through Fortinet devices, but the attack was limited.

California state worker union data breachSuspected unauthorized access to confidential SEIU member dataThe state workers union SEIU Local 1000 in California was hit by a ransomware attack that potentially exposed sensitive data of approximately 96,000 workers. The attack was attributed to the LockBit 3.0 group.

Cyber attack on Cloudflare by alleged state APTEmergency intervention and investigation into the operations of an APT against the network security giantCloudflare suffered an advanced cyberattack that breached its Atlassian systems, resulting in the theft of documents and source code. They responded by replacing credentials and isolating systems.

Security incident for AnyDesk softwareStrengthened security and preventative actions following the AnyDesk cyber breachRemote desktop service AnyDesk suffered a cyber attack following an internal audit. The company is taking action with security measures, such as certificate cancellation and replacement, and advises users to change passwords and update software.

CERT-UA alert: PurpleFox outbreak in UkraineUnder attack: measures to combat PurpleFox's infiltration into UkraineThe Ukrainian CERT-UA has detected a wide spread of PurpleFox malware, recommending updating systems and using antivirus to identify and remove the virus.

Critical vulnerability for Mercedes-Benz: GitHub token exposureInadvertent exposure of a company token puts Mercedes-Benz's IT security to the testMercedes-Benz faced a data leak because an employee exposed a GitHub token, allowing access to important source code. The company responded by revoking the token and strengthening security measures.

HP Enterprise data breach: Nobelium investigatedIn-depth analysis of the recent cyber attack on HP Enterprise and possible connections with past episodesHP Enterprise suffered a cyber attack where data was stolen from its emails, probably by Midnight Blizzard, a group linked to Russian intelligence. The connection with other similar attacks is being investigated.

Massive data exposure: global breach discoveredIncredible security incident: 26 billion data exposedA 12 terabyte database with 26 billion sensitive records has been exposed online. Researchers recommend strong passwords and multi-factor authentication to protect yourself.

Data leak: 71 million online credentials exposedThe serious security breach reveals the need for enhanced protective measures for usersA hacker has leaked 71 million user credentials online from major platforms such as Facebook and Roblox. The data includes emails and 25 million unencrypted passwords. We recommend using strong passwords and two-factor authentication.

Security alert: Ivanti Connect Secure VPN under attackIncrease in attacks on Ivanti VPN systems highlights critical issues in corporate cybersecurityTwo serious vulnerabilities, CVE-2023-46805 and CVE-2024-21887, affected Ivanti VPNs, with attacks starting in December 2023. It is estimated that there are over 18,000 devices at risk globally. Ivanti has provided safety guidelines.

Cybercrime in Ukraine: cryptojacking operation dismantledInternational operation against illegal cryptocurrency miningA 29-year-old man who illegally created a million virtual servers to generate cryptocurrencies, earning $2 million, has been arrested in Ukraine. Europol and local police worked together to stop him after reports of suspicious activity.

AsyncRAT: a large-scale cyber breachInfiltration and evasive strategies: the RAT that threatens digital securityAsyncRAT, a remote access tool for Windows, was used in a cyberattack to infiltrate and steal data from systems, targeting critical infrastructure in the US.

Difficulty in accessing italian users via SPID on EU LoginInteroperability of digital identities: nodes and disservices in the SPID authentication system for Italian usersMany Italians are having problems accessing European web services via SPID, due to a persistent error. At the root of the problem would be the Italian eIDAS node, still in the process of being updated. This latest delay is negatively impacting users' job opportunities.

Large-scale theft of cryptocurrencies via phishingAnalysis of sophisticated cybercriminal strategies in the cryptocurrency sectorThe text reports that in 2023 a powerful malware, called "Wallet drainer", caused a loss of 295 million dollars in cryptocurrencies to 324,000 users. There are criminal groups, such as Monkey Drainer and Inferno Drainer, who have perpetrated phishing attacks by evading security systems. Despite advertising...

Yahoo data breaches: Food for thought on cybersecurityThe implications of the Yahoo data breach and the need for greater cybersecurityThe article discusses cyber breaches suffered by Yahoo in 2013 and 2014 that exposed data of billions of users. The attack was facilitated by phishing techniques and outdated encryption. Yahoo's secrecy and poor data security management led to serious consequences, including a hefty fine. After the incident,...

Cyber intrusion hits Yakult Australia and New ZealandDragonForce releases 95GB of leaked data: Buttonware known for production of popular probiotic beverageThe well-known company Yakult Australia was the victim of a cyber attack. The "DragonForce" criminal group claimed responsibility for the raid, during which 95GB of company data was allegedly stolen and subsequently disclosed. Despite the accident, the company's offices are operational. The investigations...

Corewell Health security breachData from over a million Michigan residents stolenMichigan healthcare provider Corewell Health's cybersecurity was breached, exposing sensitive data of more than a million residents. The compromised information includes personal and medical data. HealthEC, the platform involved, has started sending notifications to affected individuals, offering free...

Malware campaign targets banking informationThe artifice of the attacks has been revealed: between malicious scripts, camouflage and links with DanaBotA recent malware campaign carried out a JavaScript injection attack, targeting 50,000 users at 40 banking institutions around the world. The malware injects a malicious script into the user's browser, modifying banks' web pages and stealing data. Cybercriminals used sophisticated techniques to bypass...

Cyber Warfare fragments: attacks in Africa with MuddyC2GoUnder the radar: operational tactics and emerging tools of the MuddyWater groupIranian hacker group MuddyWater has strengthened attacks on telecommunications in Africa, via a new system called MuddyC2Go. This system, managed remotely, facilitates cyber attacks and spreads through phishing emails or by exploiting vulnerabilities in outdated software. MuddyWater will try to remain...

Play ransomware alert: 300 entities affected, including critical infrastructureThe modus operandi of the Play cybercriminal group and advice for countering its attacksThe FBI, CISA and ASD's ACSC warn against the activities of the Play ransomware cybercriminal group, responsible for cyber breaches globally. The group uses data stolen before the attack as a threat to demand ransom. Agencies recommend implementing multi-factor authentication, software updates, and recovery...

Impact of Lockbit ransomware on public administration: analysis and perspectivesRepercussions, modus operandi and responses: a detailed look at the attack on Westpole and Digital PAThe article discusses the Lockbit attack which heavily damaged the Italian Public Administration (PA), affecting over a thousand public bodies. The attackers used the Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) crime model, which involves using ransomware to gain monetary gain. PA Digitale is working to mitigate...

MongoDB security breach investigationIllegal access to company systems: MongoDB launches investigations and strengthens security measuresDatabase software company MongoDB said it is under investigation for a security breach. While the exposure of customer data on the MongoDB Atlas cloud platform is unclear, customers are urged to implement multi-factor authentications and regularly change passwords on MongoDB Atlas.

Critical RCE vulnerability discovered in Apache Struts 2: recommendations and fixesTechnical look at the RCE threat: details, implications and how to protect yourselfHackers are attacking Apache Struts 2, which is vulnerable due to a Remote Code Execution (RCE) flaw. The vulnerability, known as CVE-2023-50164, allows an attacker to upload a malicious file, resulting in an attack. Struts users are advised to update to the correct version as soon as possible to avoid...

Kraft Heinz investigation into possible data theft by ransomwareCyber attack under investigation: Kraft Heinz targeted by Snatch ransomware groupGlobal company Kraft Heinz is under investigation for an alleged cyberattack by ransomware group 'Snatch'. The latter included Kraft Foods in their victim list, although without providing concrete evidence of the attack. Kraft Heinz, however, detected no problems in its corporate network. 'Snatch' uses...

Nissan investigation into cyber attackNissan Oceania computer systems affected: potential data compromiseNissan is investigating a cyber attack on its systems in Australia and New Zealand, which could have allowed access to personal data. The company warned customers about the potential data compromise. Nissan is working with security experts to understand the extent of the unauthorized access.

Cyber incursions into US water utilitiesAmerica's water systems under attack: How cyber terrorism hits resource-constrained utilitiesCyber attacks on US water systems by Iran's Revolutionary Guard raise cyber security concerns. While there was no impact on water quality, the event is seen as a warning to organizations that rely on operational technologies. Federal authorities and the EPA are working to strengthen safety, especially...

JAXA under cyber attack. The safety of the space program is a concernThe risk of cyber vulnerability: details of the attack and implicationsThe Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has suffered a cyberattack due to a Microsoft Active Directory breach, raising concerns about the security of Japan's space program data. According to reports, JAXA has previously been the target of hackers potentially linked to foreign governments. In response...

Cyberattacks and cryptocurrency laundering: North Korea's strategySanction evasion strategies and social engineering techniques adoptedThe North Korea-linked Lazarus Group uses technology to steal cryptocurrencies, bypassing sanctions. They stole around $3 billion in 6 years, taking advantage of DeFi systems to mask their tracks.

Crisis in aviation: Rosaviatsia targeted by cyberattackCyber attack exposes vulnerability of Russian aviation sectorUkrainian intelligence claims to have hit the Russian aeronautical agency Rosaviatsia with a cyberattack, causing problems for the Russian flight sector, already in difficulty due to sanctions that limit maintenance and spare parts.