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Cyber ​​incidents

Crisis in aviation: Rosaviatsia targeted by cyberattackCyber attack exposes vulnerability of Russian aviation sectorUkrainian intelligence claims to have hit the Russian aeronautical agency Rosaviatsia with a cyberattack, causing problems for the Russian flight sector, already in difficulty due to sanctions that limit maintenance and spare parts.

CyberLink supply chain intrusion by North Korean hackersCyberLink installer compromise: the sophisticated operation of the Lazarus groupNorth Korean hacker group Lazarus attacked Taiwan's CyberLink company, spreading malware through altered company software. Microsoft detected the attack and notified affected users.

Denmark the target of a massive cyber attack by Russian hackersContrast and defense strategies in the era of international cyber offensivesA group of Russian hackers has launched a large-scale cyberattack against Danish infrastructure and institutions, using phishing and advanced malware. Coordinated action for safety and prevention is essential.

Security breach at Toronto librariesCrisis management and post-accident containment measuresToronto libraries have been hit by a ransomware attack, potentially exposing personal data. Authorities and libraries work together to investigate and improve security.

IT crisis in a leading company in the banking sectorThe emergence of new risks for the global financial system following cyber-attacksThe largest bank in the world suffered a cyber attack that forced it to use USB for market operations. This shows the importance of improving IT security in the banking sector.

Cyber-espionage campaign impacts Israeli hi-tech sectorChallenges in cyberspace: the battle to defend Israeli trade secretsA group of Iranian hackers attacked Israel's tech sector, stealing data and putting corporate networks at risk through phishing and malware. The international community is working to counter the threat.

Security breach at Henry County schoolsStrengthening digital defenses in educationA cyber attack threatened the security of Henry County's school network. Measures have been taken to protect the data and the attack is being investigated to improve security.

Response to major digital intrusion at Australian portsEmergency measures and economic impact post-cyber attack in logistics nodesAn Australian port has halted operations due to a cyber attack. The causes are being investigated and security is being strengthened to prevent future damage. This has economic and logistical impacts.

Global banking giant under ransomware attackA look at the ICBC ransomware incident and prevention strategiesICBC Bank was hit by a ransomware attack that put data and financial operations at risk. It responded by activating safety protocols to contain the damage and protect customers.

Mega DDoS attacks target Russian banking sectorIntensification of cyber attacks against Russian financial infrastructureSberbank, the main Russian bank, suffered a large-scale DDoS attack with one million requests per second, a peak never before recorded for the institution. The attack was more sophisticated than previous episodes.