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Cyber ​​attack prevention

Security strategies and challenges in modern surveillance camerasSolutions and practices to ensure the cybersecurity of surveillance camerasSurveillance cameras are essential for security, but vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It is crucial to update firmware, use encryption, firewalls and security training for users to protect monitored data and environments from unauthorized access.

Cybersecurity strategies for the Paris 2024 OlympicsChallenges and solutions to ensure cybersecurity of global sporting eventsThe article examines cybersecurity for the Paris 2024 Olympics, the importance of data in the sporting world, the solidarity projects of the Yellow Flames and the proposals for an Authority that monitors the accounts of professional clubs in sport.

Netflix addresses a critical vulnerability in its big data orchestration servicesNetflix successfully addresses a critical security flawNetflix has addressed a critical vulnerability in its Big Data services that could allow unauthorized access to sensitive data. The company worked with experts to quickly resolve the issue and continues to invest in advanced security technologies to prevent future risks.

Google vs. Microsoft: cybersecurity battle intensifiesCompetition between giants: Google denounces Microsoft's vulnerabilities and proposes Workspace as a more secure solutionGoogle criticized Microsoft's security after a hack, promoting its own Workspace as an alternative. It also launched aggressive offers to attract customers. Microsoft responded with the "Secure Future" initiative to improve security and regain trust.

Cyber security in the UK: current challenges and response strategiesAn in-depth assessment of current cyber threats and countermeasures in the UKThe UK DSIT's "Cybersecurity Breaches Survey 2024" report finds that many businesses and non-profit organizations have suffered cyber attacks, especially phishing. Security measures are still lacking, with concerns about supply chain risks and variable attention to security.

USB devices and advanced tools for cybersecurity testingAnalysis of malicious USB devices and penetration testing toolsRubber Ducky and BadUSB exploit USB vulnerabilities to perform quick scripted attacks. Pineapple WiFi intercepts WiFi traffic by creating cloned networks. The Proxmark3 clones RFID/NFC cards. The Bash Bunny performs advanced USB attacks with custom scripts, useful in security testing.

Understanding Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS)Advanced strategies to defend against RaaS threats and reduce business risksRansomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) allows anyone to launch ransomware attacks. To defend yourself, it is essential to educate employees, take regular backups, use advanced security technologies and collaborate with other organizations to share threat intelligence.

CyberArk Enhances Its Capabilities by Acquiring Venafi for $1.54 BillionThe acquisition aims to combine privileged access management and machine identity protection expertise, enhancing the offering of integrated security solutions for enterprisesCyberArk acquires Venafi for $1.54 billion. The integration of Venafi's solutions enhances machine identity security by combining cryptographic keys and certificates with CyberArk's privileged access management, improving enterprise IT protection.

The importance of cybersecurity in web hostingAdvanced security and recovery solutions for optimal data protection in web hostingIn an age of growing cyber threats, security in web hosting services is essential. Key points include 24/7 technical support, use of HTTPS and SSL certificates, and backup and disaster recovery plans to ensure protection and business continuity.

Global threat: serious security flaw discovered in the IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi standardNew flaw in the IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi standard exposes the security of global networks to serious risksA team of researchers from KU Leuven has discovered a vulnerability in the IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi standard that allows hackers to create fake access points and intercept data traffic. This issue, known as CVE-2023-52424, affects billions of Wi-Fi devices.

Innovative collaboration between Apple and Google to secure user privacyA new standard for detecting unknown trackers on iOS and AndroidApple and Google collaborated to create a standard called “Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers” to alert iOS and Android users when they detect unknown Bluetooth trackers, thus improving privacy protection against unauthorized tracking.

The fundamental aspects of computer security in everyday lifeProtection and prevention: how to safeguard personal data in the digital worldIn a digitalized world, online security is crucial. Signs of attacks include slowdowns and unknown files. Protecting yourself with antivirus, strong passwords and regular updates is essential. Specific insurance policies can offer additional financial protection.

Introduction to Hackbat: revolutionary pentesting toolFind out how Hackbat is transforming the approach to cybersecurity testingThe article introduces Hackbat, a new open source pentesting device based on Raspberry Pi Pico W, used to perform ethical vulnerability testing on computer systems.

Google releases an emergency update for ChromeUrgent update to fix critical vulnerability in Chrome, users advised to install it immediatelyGoogle has released an urgent update for Chrome due to a serious vulnerability, CVE-2024-4671, which allows attackers to execute arbitrary code. We recommend that you upgrade your browser.

Microsoft strengthens cybersecurityNew policies and accountability measures to strengthen cybersecurity at MicrosoftMicrosoft has introduced new security policies, tying executive bonuses to security goals achieved, in response to recent criticism and hacker attacks.

Surge in RedLine infections in 2023 according to Kaspersky LabA detailed analysis reveals the escalation of attacks and sophisticated techniques for stealing personal and financial dataThe article discusses the growth of RedLine malware, a program that steals sensitive data and infected 10 million systems in 2023, accounting for 55% of cyber attacks.

Critical VPN flaw discovered: the TunnelVision attackA new type of DHCP attack threatens the security of VPN networks by exposing user dataResearchers have discovered a vulnerability, called TunnelVision, in VPNs that allows data to be diverted and intercepted using the DHCP protocol. They recommend using personal hotspots and virtual machines to protect yourself.

McAfee introduces update to deepfake detection technologyMcAfee and Intel join forces to address the growing threat of deepfakes with cutting-edge solutionsMcAfee and Intel have improved deepfake detection technology, integrating artificial intelligence into Intel Core processors to increase privacy and performance.

Telegram becomes a playground for Pegasus spyware trafficHighly sophisticated spyware for sale on a popular messaging platform. Apple warns its usersPegasus spyware, created by NSO Group, is now being sold on Telegram by a Russian group for $1.5 million. Apple responded by issuing global security alerts and improving protection strategies for users.

Severe vulnerability in Magento software puts global e-commerce at riskImplications and mitigation strategies for Magento platform usersThe recent bug in Magento, Adobe's e-commerce platform, exposed the data of 160,000 credit cards to security risks. It is essential to regularly update and test your system to protect sensitive information.

The new era of firewalls: between AI and cyber threats in 2024Strengthened security in the digital age: How AI and ML are redefining strategies against cyber threatsIntelligent firewalls, enriched by AI and ML, offer an advanced defense against cyber threats by analyzing network traffic. Increasing cloud adoption, rise in IoT devices, and stringent privacy regulations drive the growth of their market.

CISA and FBI warn about sql injection vulnerabilitiesPreventive measures and mitigation strategies against one of the most serious cybersecurity risksCISA and FBI warn tech companies about the risks of SQL injection, suggesting the use of parameterized queries for security. Despite known countermeasures, attacks persist, highlighting the need for improved security strategies in software.

Cloud security alert: AWS fixes serious flaw in Apache AirflowAmazon Web Services intervenes promptly to neutralize security flaws in the well-known serviceAWS has addressed a critical vulnerability in Apache Airflow that would allow session hijacking and remote code execution, highlighting the importance of security in the cloud.

ArtPrompt: the new frontier of hacking with ASCII artHow the ancient art form transforms into a tool to bypass AI security filtersHacking uses ASCII art to fool AIs like GPT-4, passing ethical filters. The ArtPrompt experiment revealed that AIs can provide malicious responses when tricked with ASCII. This highlights the need to improve the security of LLMs.

Microsoft cybersecurity initiativeTowards a more secure digital future: Microsoft leads the transition to longer RSA keysMicrosoft will increase security in Windows by no longer supporting 1024-bit RSA keys in favor of 2048-bit or higher ones, to improve the authenticity of TLS servers. This change will affect some existing infrastructure.

New attack strategies in Italy: the adaptability of phishingEvolution of cyber attacks: discovering personalized phishing tacticsCERT-AgID reported an evolution in phishing methods called "adaptive phishing", which customizes email attacks to increase their effectiveness, using authentic victim logos and websites.

Expert recommends: forget C and C++ for greater securityCyber security: the challenge of the modern era between obsolete languages and innovationUS experts warn of security risks in the C and C++ programming languages, which leave memory management to developers. More secure languages such as Rust or Go are recommended.

PayPal works on anti-fraud method for CookiesRevolutionary technology for recognizing and defending against fraudulent online intrusionsPayPal is developing new technology to defend super-cookies from hackers, using encryption to detect illicit access and increase online security.

Record investments in cybersecurity in ItalySurge in IT security investments in response to advanced digital threatsIn Italy, spending on cybersecurity is growing, but we are still last in the G7. We need more training on AI and security. Criminals use AI for attacks, but companies are starting to adopt it to defend themselves.

IT security: fundamental pillars in the digital ageThe advanced defense against digital threats in the corporate structureThe cybersecurity specialist protects company data from attacks such as malware. Uses firewall and antivirus software, stays current on threats and technologies, holds certifications such as CISSP, and responds to security incidents.

North Korea: new strategies in cryptoasset launderingAdvanced concealment strategies for illicit funds in the cryptocurrency industryNorth Korean hacking groups are using new crypto mixing techniques to hide the origin of stolen funds, increasing attacks on exchange platforms. These methods threaten the security of the crypto industry, but the IT community struggles to counter them.

Microsoft intervenes on software vulnerabilities with new fixesCritical security update for Windows operating systemsMicrosoft has released an update to fix 73 security vulnerabilities in Windows, including a previously exploited critical Zero-Day. It is critical for IT professionals to install these patches now.

CISA alert: vulnerability in Roundcube exploited by attackersMeasures immediately necessary to mitigate the exploitation of a critical bug in RoundcubeCISA has warned of a security vulnerability in Roundcube, which can lead to data leakage through XSS attacks. Various past attacks have exploited these flaws. It is recommended to update Roundcube for security.

Strengthen IT security with multi-factor authentication, or MFAStrategies and benefits of using MFA to defend against unauthorized intrusionsMulti-factor authentication (MFA) strengthens security by requiring multiple proofs of identity, such as passwords plus tokens or biometrics, to protect against cyber attacks.

Strategies to identify and neutralize phishingAdvanced methodologies for defense against the pitfalls of online fraudPhishing is a tactic to steal sensitive data by creating fake emails or sites that look real. To avoid this, we need to educate ourselves on how to recognize suspicious signals, use security tools and update systems.

The hidden threat: what are ransomware attacks?The rise of cyber-seizure: defenses and strategies against malicious encryptionThe article discusses ransomware attacks, which encrypt files and demand a ransom. It suggests preventive measures and how to act in case of an attack, advising against paying the ransom.

Effective strategies against cyber threatsProtective measures and best practices in the era of digitalisationCyber attacks such as ransomware and phishing are on the rise. To prevent them, it is crucial to have defenses such as firewalls and employee training, as well as security protocols and rapid response plans.

Kaspersky educational initiative for young peopleDigital education for the new generation: how Kaspersky wants to protect digital nativesKaspersky has launched an educational initiative to teach children about cybersecurity with games and stories. It also trains teachers with specific guides to spread best practices online.

Cyber security: combating bank data theftThe growing threat of infostealers in the banking sectorInfostealers are malware that steal sensitive data, such as banking credentials. Banks must use advanced security systems and teach customers to avoid risks. In the event of attacks, rapid reaction plans limit the damage.

Security alert: critical issues detected in GNU C libraryA serious bug discovered in the C standard library: the alert involves multiple Linux distributionsA serious flaw (CVE-2023-6246) has been discovered in the GNU C Library (glibc) affecting many versions of Linux, allowing potential attacks to gain root privileges.

Cybersecurity and the promise of NeuralinkInnovation and data protection challenges in the neural chip eraElon Musk's Neuralink is developing brain chips that allow you to control devices with your mind. There is excitement about the possible benefits but also concern about cybersecurity.

FBI alert: couriers are a tool for new fraudsExploitation of delivery services for financial scams: the modus operandi of cyber criminalsThe FBI warns that scammers are posing as tech support workers or officials to convince people, often elderly people, to give them valuable assets such as gold, using couriers.

Analysis of critical issues in biometric authentication systemsBiometric security integrity challenges and solutionsA study by Altroconsumo has revealed vulnerabilities in smartphone facial recognition systems. Recommend using more secure methods such as fingerprints or pins to protect data. Juniper Research predicts an increase in the use of biometrics in payments.

Global investigation reveals security weaknesses in Windows assetsCritical discoveries in Windows infrastructures highlight the urgency for robust security strategiesAnalysis of 2.5 million vulnerabilities reveals that half of the most serious ones affect Windows 10. Critical threats are reduced and construction manages cybersecurity better than mining. Penetration testing is key.

Innovative detection method of spyware on iOSDiscover the new frontier of mobile security: iShutdown and the fight against spyware attacks on iPhoneThe Kaspersky laboratory created iShutdown, a method to discover Pegasus spyware on iPhone by analyzing the Shutdown.log system file. It offers non-invasive diagnosis and helps protect against advanced malware.

What is IP Spoofing and the threats it posesAddress sophisticated network security threatsIP spoofing is a cyber attack where the IP address is spoofed to hide the hacker's identity and fool security systems. It is used to steal data or cause disruptions.

Online integrity and performance: Cloudflare defending the webCloudflare as a bulwark against threats and a web performance acceleratorCloudflare offers a reverse proxy service that protects websites from attacks and improves their performance. However, there are tools like CloakQuest3r that can discover the real IP addresses of protected servers.

Rogueware: the deceptive veil of fake antivirusesStrategies and tips for defending against fake security softwareRogueware is malware that looks like legitimate antivirus and tricks users with false security alerts into paying for a "full" version. It is essential to inform and update security defenses to prevent them.

Transatlantic dynamics in cybersecurityResponse strategies and cooperation between the EU and the US in the context of digital securityThe article compares cybersecurity strategies in the US and EU, highlighting their focus on resilience and cooperation against cyber threats, with ENISA supporting Europe in analyzing and managing cyber challenges.

Alert for a serious vulnerability in SharePointThe invisible threat: a security flaw to monitor carefullyA serious vulnerability in Microsoft SharePoint, code CVE-2023-29357, could be exploited for ransomware attacks. It is urgent to install the released updates to prevent possible security breaches.