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LockBit's response to FBI actions

LockBit's technological revenge: post-attack updates and awareness

The LockBit organization, after being attacked, reveals that it had a security flaw due to an outdated version of PHP and urges systems to be updated.

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Following Operation Cronos, the well-known criminal organization LockBit does not appear to be retreating. In fact, through a broad statement, the entity complained about the failed penetration carried out on February 19, 2024 on their servers. A critical admission emerges: a delay in updating PHP (their servers had version 8.1.2 installed) left the path to the CVE-2023-3824 vulnerability clear. The gang warns other entities that rely on outdated versions of PHP and confirms that it has strengthened its security measures in response to the attack.

The implications of security failure

The LockBit collective identified the flaw that allowed the infiltration in the inadequately updated PHP source code. These events triggered server malfunctions, culminating in a 502 Bad Gateway error and SSH service issues. The incident had significant repercussions, but creativity in managing the IT infrastructure allowed them to reduce recovery times, demonstrating the importance of maintaining a distributed and up-to-date system.

FBI interference in LockBit publications

The LockBit communication also reveals assumptions about the FBI's intentions to hinder the release of sensitive information related to government matters, including alleged details on legal matters related to Donald Trump. LockBit speculates that the FBI's interference was intended to influence negotiations over the compromised data and questions whether the related arrests were truly targeted at the perpetrators or whether they involved individuals unrelated to their activities.

The future of LockBit and cybersecurity

Despite the recent blows it has suffered, LockBit proclaims its resilience and intention to continue its operations. He underlines his determination to improve security and protect IT infrastructure, calling the FBI's latest operation not only unjustified, but also ineffective in preventing the group's criminal activities. This case raises an important dialogue on cybersecurity and highlights the need for constant updating and monitoring of systems to prevent such breaches.

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02/25/2024 14:18

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