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Nissan investigation into cyber attack

Nissan Oceania computer systems affected: potential data compromise

Nissan is investigating a cyber attack on its systems in Australia and New Zealand, which could have allowed access to personal data. The company warned customers about the potential data compromise. Nissan is working with security experts to understand the extent of the unauthorized access.

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Japanese car maker Nissan is currently conducting an investigation into a cyber attack that affected its systems in Australia and New Zealand. The attack may have allowed hackers to access personal information. No precise details about the attack were provided, but Nissan warned customers of its Oceania division of the potential data compromises, raising concerns about possible scams.

Nissan communication to customers

In the Nissan Oceania division, which handles distribution, marketing, sales and services in the Australian and New Zealand regions, the company warned via a statement published on the "" and "" websites. Systems at Nissan Corporation and Nissan Financial Services in Australia and New Zealand have suffered a "cyber incident". The company is working with its global incident response team to monitor the impact of the attack.

Nissan's response to the accident

Nissan is working with security experts to determine the extent of the unauthorized access and whether sensitive information was compromised. In the meantime, it advises its customers to remain vigilant to prevent fraudulent or identity theft activity related to their accounts.

Operation of the dealer network and response from the authorities

Although no anomalies have been detected in the operation of Nissan's sites, the restoration of the affected systems is underway. The company asks customers to exercise patience while waiting for a complete resolution. The dealer network was not affected by the incident, and Nissan assures that sales and service operations will be operated without interruption. Government cyber security agencies in Australia and New Zealand have been notified of the incident and official communications are awaited.

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12/06/2023 14:35

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