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Security alert: new trends of Russian hackers

New cybercriminal methodologies and digital counterintelligence tactics

Russian groups advance cyber tactics with “Living off the Land” methods to hide in networks, creating security risks. Defense requires proactive techniques and information sharing between IT experts.

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Recently, a mutation has been observed in the operational strategies of cybercriminals linked to Russian groups, who have shown a growing predilection for "Living off the Land" (LotL) methodologies. These techniques allow attackers to camouflage themselves within computer networks by exploiting tools and functions already present on the target systems, thus making their detection more difficult. The shift towards such tactics signals an escalation in the sophistication of hacking operations, which aim to cause critical disruptions, such as power outages, with a direct impact on national and civil security.

Improvements in cyber defense in response

To counter the advance of cyber attackers who adopt LotL techniques, it is essential to strengthen cyber defense. The international IT community highlights the importance of moving beyond conventional security tactics, encouraging the spread of proactive practices such as threat hunting and user behavioral analysis. The latter represent key tools for detecting unsuspected harmful activities and preventing possible damage to critical infrastructures.

Authorized sources and information sharing

Official sources and IT certification authorities are invaluable resources, providing verified and reliable updates that are essential to keeping pace with ever-evolving offensive methodologies. Sharing this information through secure and recognized channels is vital, as it allows industry experts to stay ahead of the curve and implement effective defense systems in the face of new emerging threats.

Maintaining professional communication

It is imperative to maintain a professional and precise tone in communication within the IT community, avoiding the use of vulgar or offensive terminology that could give rise to legal disputes. Precision in technical jargon is not only a matter of professionalism, but also contributes to a clearer and more direct understanding of technical issues that are of central importance in the field of cybersecurity and the fight against cyber threats.

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11/09/2023 12:05

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