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CISA alert: increase in DDoS attacks via SSDP

Measures and responses to the growing risk of DDoS attacks using SSDP

US CISA has warned of active exploits on SSDP vulnerabilities for amplified DDoS attacks. Recommends disabling unused SSDPs and configuring networks to prevent abuse.

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The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a recent advisory regarding an active exploitation of a vulnerability within the Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP). Cyber attackers are using it to orchestrate amplified Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. The particular vulnerability identifies systems that can potentially be exploited as amplifiers in attacks that can reach considerable traffic volumes, overloading the victims' network resources.

Vulnerable services and amplified DDoS impacts

The SSDP protocol is commonly used in home and office networks for automatic device and service discovery. However, devices that are not configured correctly or have vulnerabilities can be abused by attackers to multiply malicious traffic directed at a specific target. The significant amplification factor makes this technique particularly harmful. CISA emphasized that mitigating this risk is essential to prevent substantial adverse impacts on the operational continuity of affected facilities.

Mitigation strategies recommended by CISA

The US government agency has provided a series of recommendations to limit the risk. Proposed strategies include disabling unnecessary SSDP services, restricting networks from responding to incoming traffic requests, and adopting configuration practices that prevent misuse of devices and services. These measures, according to CISA, should be implemented by network administrators to effectively defend against amplified DDoS attacks.

Cyber community response to the threat

IT specialists and security operators are on alert in response to this confirmed threat. With the increase in offensive capabilities in the sphere of cyberattacks, the importance of a concerted response and constant updating of defense methods is more relevant than ever. Information sharing and collaboration between different entities are crucial for strengthening cyber resilience in the face of increasingly sophisticated adversaries.

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11/09/2023 11:00

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