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Cybersecurity crisis in the Middle East

The challenge of Israeli companies in combating cybercrime in the Middle East

The crisis in the Middle East threatens Israeli start-ups, but they demonstrate resilience, defending themselves from cyber attacks and contributing to innovation in the cybersecurity sector.

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The growing crisis in the Middle East, following the deadly Hamas attacks on October 7, presents a complicated challenge for Israeli start-ups and those closely linked to the country.

A reduction in human resources

Many Israeli cybersecurity start-ups are facing staff reductions as reservists are called up or volunteered for military service. Despite this, these companies continue to operate and leverage intelligence and defense capabilities in countering cyber attacks against civilian, military and infrastructure targets.

Increase in cyber attacks

Under these circumstances, there is already a significant increase in cyber attacks against companies and organizations based in Israel. This trend is expected to worsen, but Israel's cyber defense and intelligence capabilities will continue to play a key role in countering these threats. Companies must keep their guard up, especially the media who are responsible for disseminating objective and truthful information to the global community.

Resilience and innovation

Israeli companies, especially those in the military and cybersecurity sectors, stand out for their resilience and ability to adapt to new realities. The connection between national defense and cybersecurity companies is deeply rooted in Israeli culture. Despite the current difficulty in finding innovative ways to support customers during this difficult period, it is expected that Israeli companies will be able to maintain their commitment and continue to be leaders in the cybersecurity industry.

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10/18/2023 14:35

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