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Google and Yahoo strengthen email anti-spam protections

The future of email: raising your guard against phishing attacks and spam

Google and Yahoo have announced new requirements to combat email spam and phishing. Starting next year, senders of bulk messages will be required to authenticate their messages and offer users the ability to easily unsubscribe from commercial emails. Clear criteria will be introduced to avoid sending unwanted emails.

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Google and Yahoo are introducing new requirements for bulk message senders to improve protections against phishing attacks and email spam.

Authentication required for bulk message senders

Starting in the first quarter of next year, both email service providers will require senders of bulk messages to authenticate their messages using industry best practices, thereby improving user confidence in the provenance of messages.

Ability to unsubscribe from commercial emails with one click

In the coming year, both email service providers will require that senders of bulk messages offer users the ability to easily unsubscribe from commercial emails with a single click and that they honor the request within two days.

A reasonable spam rate for bulk senders

Additionally, both Google and Yahoo will introduce clear spam rate criteria for bulk message senders, ensuring that users receive fewer unwanted emails in their inboxes.

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10/04/2023 12:27

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