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Mozilla warns of fake Thunderbird downloads distributing ransomware

Ransomware threats via fake Thunderbird downloads are on the rise

Mozilla has warned of scams offering Thunderbird downloads, used by ransomware group Snatch to spread malware. Users are advised to download Thunderbird only from trusted websites to protect themselves from ransomware attacks.

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Mozilla issued a warning this week about malicious websites offering Thunderbird downloads, after a ransomware cluster was discovered using the technique to distribute malware.

Ransomware groups use fraudulent Thunderbird downloads

Cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs reported last week that a website, where the Snatch ransomware group names victims, was leaking data such as visitors' IP addresses and information about the group's internal operations.

Mozilla warns users to download Thunderbird only from trusted sites

Following the findings of Krebs' investigation, Mozilla issued a "ransomware alert" this week, advising users to only download Thunderbird from trusted websites.

Raises alert for ransomware attacks via Thunderbird

Mozilla stressed that it is actively trying to remove malicious websites offering Thunderbird, but they are hosted in Russia, making removal efforts "difficult and often ineffective."

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10/04/2023 12:12

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