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eSIM under attack: security risks in the mobile sector are growing

The challenge against identity theft in mobile networks: strategies and solutions to safeguard yourself

In Russia there is an increase in mobile identity theft via eSIMs, used to illegally access banking services. Precaution and security measures such as strong passwords and two-factor authentication are recommended.

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The scourge of eSIM hijacking is gaining increasing traction within digital environments. This technique, which involves mobile identity theft through the usurpation of virtual SIMs, represents a new frontier for attacks against online users. FACCT, a Russian leader in cyber defense, reports a wave of attacks that aim to steal telephone numbers to fraudulently access banking services, using vulnerabilities related to the management of eSIMs.

Alert in Russia: increase in hijacking cases

The eSIM hijacking technique, although known internationally for some time, began to manifest itself clearly in Russia only in the last months of 2023. With over a hundred attempts recorded, this attack method promises to spread rapidly, fueling the anxiety about its possible spread also in Western systems. The attackers proceed by fraudulently acquiring the user's data, to transfer the number to a device controlled by them.

Risk to financial and personal security

By controlling the phone number, cybercriminals are able to hack into both victims' bank accounts and messaging services. This highlights risks such as extortion and online scams, made even more dangerous by the possible manipulation of personal content through the use of artificial intelligence tools. The current situation therefore calls for greater awareness and caution regarding the security of one's digital data.

Protection and awareness strategies

To deal with this threatening trend, it is essential to adopt preventive measures such as creating strong passwords, activating two-factor authentication, and constant vigilance for abnormal movements of your eSIMs. Experts also highlight the importance for financial entities to implement sophisticated anti-fraud solutions. Only by spreading knowledge about these attack techniques and a cautious approach towards unexpected communications will it be possible to mitigate the impact of this new criminal wave on the digital world.

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03/19/2024 23:08

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