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Angola Cyber Security Summit 2024

Cybersecurity experts gather to define the future of digital protection in Angola

The Cyber Revolution Summit, a 2-day event in Luanda, aims to strengthen cybersecurity in Angola through discussions and collaborations between experts, addressing the growing threat of cyber attacks.

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Traicon Events is proud to announce the flagship cybersecurity innovation summit in Angola, called “Cyber Revolution Summit”, which will be held on 22 and 23 May 2024 in Luanda. This 2-day event features keynote speeches and discussions with leading security experts from a variety of industries, focusing on topics such as cybersecurity innovations, data protection, risk management, network security, threat detection, intelligence and management of vulnerabilities. The summit aims to be an irreplaceable platform for building alliances between the public and private sectors, aiming to bring together over 500 industry specialists, including CISOs, CIOs, cybersecurity, digital transformation and infrastructure managers IT.

Impact of cyber-attacks and counter strategies in Angola

Angola has the second highest rate of cyber attacks in Africa, with economic losses estimated at approximately US$2 billion for SMEs and the corporate segment. To address this phenomenon, the Angolan government is developing a National Cybersecurity Strategy, which includes policies and measures to protect critical systems and infrastructures from cybercrime. Cybersecurity has been identified as a priority area in the digital transformation process, with the launch of numerous projects aimed at stimulating the use, replication and protection of data.

The Summit as a catalyst for digital security

The Cyber Revolution Summit in Luanda represents a unique opportunity for government and private institutions to strengthen their capabilities in the field of cybersecurity. By participating in the event, industry leaders and experts will have the opportunity to discuss the latest trends and potential related to cybersecurity, helping to build a safer digital world. TraiCon Events aims to engage over 500 skilled professionals to discuss innovations, risk management and effective defense strategies.

Participation and opportunities for companies

Numerous system integrators, IT security solution providers, companies specializing in cybersecurity, data and cloud protection, as well as cyber threat management companies, will participate in the summit as sponsors or exhibitors. By presenting their cutting-edge solutions, they will help shape the future of cyberspace. This international meeting stands as a point of reference for the promotion of innovative solutions in the sector and for the strengthening of digital security at a global level.

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03/14/2024 08:47

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