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The deep web black market and the new frontier of antivirus evasion

The challenge for IT specialists in countering sophisticated evasion strategies of the main antiviruses

@HeartCrypt, on the deep web, offers advanced encryption to evade antivirus like Windows Defender, starting at $20. It promises undetectable .exe files and customizes the stub for each customer.

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The world of the deep web has revealed the existence of a shadowy figure calling himself @HeartCrypt, who revealed an antivirus evasion service on a well-known underground XSS forum. Through an advanced encryption mechanism, it has the ability to evade Windows Defender and other major antivirus software, offering its service at rock-bottom prices, starting from just $20.

Advanced encryption at the service of malware

@HeartCrypt's offering is characterized by advanced encryption of .exe files, but it doesn't stop there: it includes support for .Net and x86 files, and boasts the customization of the stub per customer, guaranteeing uniqueness in the malware landscape . The promise is to guarantee the undetectability of encrypted files for the longest possible period, thus offering a competitive advantage in the cybercrime sector.

Additional conditions and services attract new customers

@HeartCrypt aims to build a loyal customer base by offering first-time encryption for free to new users and promising a rewrite at no additional cost if anything goes wrong. Among the available options, there is also side loading, with costs to be defined based on the specific needs of the customer, demonstrating flexibility and adaptability.

Continuous fight against cybercrime

Despite the disturbing promises of @HeartCrypt, it is crucial to remember the importance of remaining vigilant and updated on cyberspace threats. Initiatives like @HeartCrypt highlight the ever-changing challenges that security experts and companies face in the fight against cybercrime, highlighting the constant need to adopt advanced protection measures and strengthen the security of their systems and data.

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03/09/2024 19:02

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