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Analysis of critical issues in biometric authentication systems

Biometric security integrity challenges and solutions

A study by Altroconsumo has revealed vulnerabilities in smartphone facial recognition systems. Recommend using more secure methods such as fingerprints or pins to protect data. Juniper Research predicts an increase in the use of biometrics in payments.

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A study by Altroconsumo has shed light on serious vulnerabilities in the facial recognition systems of some new generation smartphones, including high-end ones. The investigation shows that, for a significant number of devices, the biometric security mechanism can be circumvented simply through the use of a photograph of the user, raising concerns about privacy and the security of data and financial transactions.

How to increase mobile data security

Faced with this observation, it is suggested to opt for alternative authentication methods offered by the smartphone, such as the use of fingerprint sensors, pins or passwords. These additional measures prove to be more reliable than facial recognition and guarantee better protection of your personal data. Altroconsumo also recommends the adoption of longer pin codes and the protection of apps containing sensitive information.

Biometric security tips

The consumer association emphasizes the importance of setting additional security systems on digital payment apps and advises against using the NFC functionality on locked devices to prevent unauthorized contactless transactions. These measures increase safety although they may be slightly more inconvenient for the user.

Progress in the use of biometrics in POS payments

Juniper Research anticipates a dramatic increase in the use of biometrics in POS payments. Using biometrics such as iris, fingerprint or palm vein recognition simplifies the consumer experience and can offer a competitive advantage to retailers. In times of crisis, investment in this area appears strategic, even if it involves a considerable initial outlay.

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01/29/2024 13:19

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