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Innovative detection method of spyware on iOS

Discover the new frontier of mobile security: iShutdown and the fight against spyware attacks on iPhone

The Kaspersky laboratory created iShutdown, a method to discover Pegasus spyware on iPhone by analyzing the Shutdown.log system file. It offers non-invasive diagnosis and helps protect against advanced malware.

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The Kaspersky research laboratory has developed a new effective technique for identifying the presence of Pegasus spyware in iPhones, called iShutdown. This method examines the system log file, specifically the Shutdown.log, for anomalies that may indicate a Pegasus infection. Security experts have highlighted the benefits of iShutdown, which is less expensive than other approaches and can detect infections in a latent state.

Pegasus and diagnosis via log files

Analyzing the Shutdown.log file, analysts detected similar behavior patterns to other iOS malware, such as Reign and Predator. Examination of the logs documents each system reboot in detail, making specific anomalies related to Pegasus visible. In response, the community has developed tools such as Amnesty International's Mobile Verification Toolkit, which can be used to analyze smartphone diagnostic data and help combat advanced infections such as Pegasus.

Non-invasive measurement and safe diagnosis

iShutdown's analysis process is based on examining system artifacts to identify possible contamination without invading the privacy of user data. Automatic verification tools based on this methodology have been made public by Kaspersky through GitHub and can be used on various operating systems such as MacOS, Windows and Linux. This discovery is crucial to support cyber investigation and expertise on smartphones, offering a viable solution even for general users.

Tips for protecting against malware on iOS devices

To neutralize the threat of advanced malware on iOS, professionals suggest regular device reboots, use of Apple's new Isolation Mode, and disabling potentially vulnerable services like iMessage and FaceTime. A proactive practice of updating the operating system and performing periodic backups and sysdiag analysis are recommended to strengthen the security of devices against these sophisticated attacks.

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01/19/2024 03:06

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