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The Cyber Security & Cloud Expo 2023 kicks off in London

A meeting of brilliant minds in the field of cybersecurity and cloud technologies

The Cyber Security & Cloud Expo event will be held in London, with over 6,000 ICT professionals and 150 speakers discussing security and cloud. It is an opportunity for networking and updating on new technologies in the sector.

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The epicenter of innovation in cybersecurity and cloud technologies, the Cyber Security & Cloud Expo, is preparing to open its doors in Olympia London from 30 November to 1 December. This conference is a hub for ICT professionals, addressing key topics such as Zero Trust strategies, threat detection and response, as well as industry talent training and culture. A privileged platform will be available to share experiences, strategies and to develop networks of contacts that are fundamental in business.

Cutting-edge networking and knowledge sharing

The event boasts the presence of over 6,000 professionals who will have the opportunity to meet with numerous leading figures, including CISOs, CTOs, and COOs. This year the event will offer a series of interventions curated by over 150 speakers representing the most relevant global entrepreneurial realities, who will share their skills and strategies. The presence of a qualified audience promises to be fertile ground for intense networking activity and professional updating.

Exploring the latest market solutions

Alongside the main stage, the rooftop of companies such as Puppet and Ontinue will be present to demonstrate the latest innovations and establish business relationships. These exhibitors represent only a fraction of those who will be happy to discuss new technologies and offer solutions. A complete list of participants can be consulted on the event website, providing a broad overview of who will be the protagonists of the expo.

Immerse yourself in transformative technologies

In addition to the main purpose of the exhibition, delegates will benefit from parallel exhibitions covering a wide range of disruptive technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, AI & Big Data, and others. A track entirely dedicated to Intelligent Automation highlights the evolution and transversality of the technologies on display. To stay up to date and at the forefront of technology, visit the TechEx Global website.

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11/23/2023 14:43

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