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Discord will adopt temporary links to block malware attacks

A strategic move to protect the platform and users from malware threats on Discord

Discord will implement temporary links later this year to block the use of its CDN to spread malware. This will help limit access to suspicious content and reduce malware distribution via the application. Users who share content will not have major changes, but the links will expire for 24 hours. Discord thus fights the abuse of servers by cybercriminals.

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Discord will implement temporary links for all users later this year to block attacks that exploit its content delivery network (CDN) to host and spread malware. Implementing this new feature will allow Discord's security team to limit access to suspicious content and generally reduce malware distribution via the application's CDN.

Impact on Discord users and developers

For users sharing content within the Discord application, there will be no significant changes, as links will automatically update. However, users who use Discord to host files will be advised to find a more suitable service. As for the developers, it was communicated that they will have minimal impact and that assistance will be provided during the transition.

Re-authentication and link expiration

After the change in file management is implemented, all file links uploaded to Discord servers will have a 24-hour expiration date. CDN links will include three new parameters that add expiration timestamps and unique signatures that will remain valid until the links expire. This will prevent you from using Discord's CDN to permanently host files.

A significant breakthrough in the fight against malware

This move represents an important step in the challenge Discord is facing in preventing criminal activity on its platform. Discord servers have long been a breeding ground for malicious activity associated with financial and government hacking groups. Permanent file hosting on Discord has often been exploited to distribute malware and steal data from compromised systems. Discord has thus far struggled to implement effective measures to combat this abuse, but temporary links represent a promising solution.

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11/05/2023 13:24

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