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Philippine army: creation of cyber commando against hackers

Increase in cyber threats pushes Philippine military to boost cyber defense

The Philippine Army is establishing a cyber commando to counter cyberattacks and will recruit information technology experts. Improvements in equipment and international cooperation are planned to strengthen the country's cyber defense. National security requires an integrated cybersecurity strategy and greater internal and external collaboration.

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The Philippine military is creating a cyber commando to improve defenses against almost daily cyberattacks and will relax recruitment rules to attract information technology experts, Armed Forces Chief Romeo S. Brawner said Thursday. The Cyber Security Commando will have an archipelago-wide presence, the head of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) said during a news conference.

Recruitment plan for a futuristic cyber commando

The military commander said the plan to invest in cyber security was now necessary due to the cyber dimensions of multi-domain warfare, as reflected in today's conflicts around the world. The AFP currently only has one cyber group of fewer than 100 workers for the entire country. Therefore, it is necessary to recruit civilian personnel with technological skills in information technology and computer engineering, offering competitive salaries and special benefits to attract the most qualified personnel.

Improve equipment and international cooperation

Planning to acquire additional cyber security equipment between 2023-2028, the AFP aims to enhance its cyber defense capability. Recent attempted cyber attacks on the Philippine Armed Forces network by both local and foreign hackers make it necessary to consolidate the AFP's cyber units under a single commando. Additionally, the AFP conducted joint cyber defense exercises with the United States this year to enhance international cooperation.

National security alert and international collaboration

Given the increase in external threats, it is necessary for the Philippine government to develop a national cybersecurity strategy that complements existing security frameworks. Recent cybersecurity breaches of government websites require a more concerted response and internal and external collaboration. Furthermore, it is important to declare the national maritime sector as a strategic sector to address external threats. Efforts to strengthen security relations with the United States and Japan are still ongoing, dealing with rising tensions caused by China.

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10/19/2023 13:14

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