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Lyca Mobile services disrupted by cyber attack

The consequences of the attack and the ongoing investigations

A cyber attack has disrupted the services of mobile provider Lyca Mobile, preventing users from accessing services and causing operational problems. The company is investigating possible personal data breaches.

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International mobile network operator Lyca Mobile said its services have been disrupted in many countries due to a cyber attack.

The cyber attack prevents users from accessing Lyca Mobile services

International virtual mobile network operator Lyca Mobile has confirmed that its services have been disrupted in recent days due to a cyber attack that may also have involved a data breach.

Impact of the attack on Lyca Mobile and ongoing investigation

The attack, which began late last week, prevented customers and retailers from accessing top-ups and also affected national and international calls. Lyca Mobile, which claims to have more than 16 million customers, is based in the UK and operates in 60 countries.

Ransomware detection and service restoration

While the company did not share further details, the attack may have been caused by ransomware based on the brief description of the incident. Although mobile telecommunications services have been restored, there are still some operational issues that need to be fully resolved. Lyca Mobile is trying to determine whether there were any personal data breaches as a result of the cyber attack.

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10/04/2023 13:31

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