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Generative AI tools to win in cybersecurity

A new approach to defend against cyber threats

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents a revolutionary opportunity for cybersecurity. SentinelOne presented Purple AI, a system that improves the ability to detect threats. Adopting AI brings challenges but also opportunities for cybersecurity. Using data from security tools can transform cybersecurity. S Ventures invests in generative AI, such as Large Language Models, to meet customer needs.

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Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents an enormous opportunity to revolutionize sectors and applications, performing operations that were unthinkable until recently. In the context of cybersecurity, generative AI plays a fundamental role for both the "good guys" and the bad guys. SentinelOne, for example, has always relied on AI for security activities: the introduction of AI-based detection models has drastically improved the ability to detect threats compared to traditional signature-based approaches. At RSA 2023, SentinelOne presented Purple AI, a system capable of transforming every security analyst into an expert by automating the ability to act on threats.

Generative AI and cybersecurity: challenges and opportunities

Generative AI represents a unique challenge for cybersecurity, but it also offers exciting opportunities. AI models are widely used in several industries, such as security, CRM, and human resources. However, adopting these technologies comes with the need to understand the security implications. While security analysts can benefit from tools to multiply their capabilities, hackers can take advantage of the same technology to conduct more sophisticated attacks. Therefore, it is essential that businesses adopt AI-powered security strategies to counter evolving threats.

The importance of data in generative AI and cybersecurity

Current AI interfaces leverage a combination of open source and proprietary models, tuned to vendor-specific data. For the security industry, leveraging data from the various security tools deployed represents a huge opportunity. A company can use dozens of security tools, which define its strategy and collect valuable data. The massive use of such data in generative AI would enable the introduction of new capabilities capable of transforming cybersecurity.

S Ventures and generative AI in cybersecurity

S Ventures, the fund created by SentinelOne, aims to invest in the generative AI ecosystem in the cybersecurity sector. Large Language Models (LLM) models will be a key component in this context. However, many customers want to avoid vendor lock-in and prefer to rely on a trusted vendor who can meet their specific needs. S Ventures recently invested in Cohere, a leading LLM company, offering custom templates and a world-class technical team. This demonstrates companies' desire to customize, ensure the security and quality of generative AI solutions, while opening up new opportunities for deployment in the cloud and on-premise.

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11/03/2023 07:53

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