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The rise of WormGPT: the danger of new cyber attacks

Generative artificial intelligence at the service of cybercrime: the new dangers of WormGPT

WormGPT, a new generative AI, is worrying cybersecurity experts. This tool, without ethical limits, allows you to create sophisticated attacks on Australian businesses. Attackers use it to send convincing phishing emails and steal identities. It is an emerging threat in the field of cybersecurity.

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Cybersecurity researchers are raising the alarm about WormGPT, the hacker community's answer to ChatGPT. This new generative AI tool is used to create sophisticated attacks on Australian businesses.

The dark side of WormGPT

WormGPT is described as similar to ChatGPT, but without ethical limits or restrictions. The scholars point out that hundreds of customers have already paid to access this tool on the dark web.

A weapon for cybercrime

“WormGPT allows you to do everything that is illegal and easily sell it online in the future,” announces a 23-year-old Portuguese programmer, who introduces himself as the creator of WormGPT. This tool allows anyone to access the malicious activity without having to leave their home.

The threat of innovative cyber attacks

While businesses are still excited about the production benefits offered by generative AI, industry experts warn of the new risk posed by this technology. Attackers use WormGPT and similar tools to create convincing phishing emails in various languages, allowing them to commit identity theft and compromise access to systems. Generating linguistically flawless emails makes it more difficult to detect these malicious activities.

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11/02/2023 21:01

Marco Verro

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