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Quishing: the new cyber scam that threatens online security

What you need to know to protect yourself from this ever-evolving cyber scam

Quishing is a new cyber threat that uses SMS to trick victims and steal personal information. You should avoid clicking on suspicious links and keep your devices secure to protect yourself from this scam. #safety #quishing

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Quishing represents a variant of phishing, but with a peculiarity: it uses text messages (SMS) to deceive victims. In a typical quishing attack, cybercriminals impersonate the identity of a trustworthy company and send deceptive SMS messages. These messages may contain links that redirect to fraudulent websites, where personal information such as login credentials or banking details is requested. Despite being an emerging threat, quishing has already caused numerous cases of financial fraud and identity theft.

How to protect yourself from Quishing

To defend yourself from this threat, it is essential to follow some recommendations. First of all, avoid clicking on links or attachments in SMS messages from unknown or unsolicited senders. Additionally, it is important to always verify a website's URL before entering any personal information. A fraudulent web address may appear similar to the genuine one, but with small differences. Keeping your antivirus and firewall solutions on your mobile devices up to date can help identify and block potential threats.

Examples of Quishing messages

Here are some examples of quishing messages you may receive: "Your account has been blocked. To unblock it, click on the link below and enter your login information", "You have won a prize! To redeem it, click on the link below and enter your contact information", "Your account is in arrears. To make payment, click the link below and enter your payment information". If you receive a suspicious SMS, you should contact the organization or company from which the message claims to come using known contacts, in order to verify its authenticity.


Quishing represents a real threat in the digital world. However, with awareness and the correct precautions, it is possible to navigate safely. Understanding the nature of this scam and taking the right defense measures, such as avoiding clicking on suspicious links and keeping devices updated with security solutions, is essential to protect yourself from the actions of cybercriminals. We always keep our guard up and spread awareness about this threat to ensure the safety of your personal and financial information.

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10/25/2023 08:53

Marco Verro

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