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Decrease in cyber attacks in Kenya

Improvements in the technical skills of cybersecurity personnel have contributed to the reduction in incidents

In the third quarter, there was an 11% decrease in cyber attacks in Kenya, thanks to improved training of cybersecurity staff and increased cybersecurity awareness. However, Kenya remains the third most affected country in the region, with frequent system attacks, including a DDoS attack on the e-citizen platform.

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An 11% reduction in cyberattacks in Kenya was attributed to improved training of cybersecurity personnel and increased cybersecurity awareness.

The nationwide response attributes the decrease to a better-trained IT workforce

According to the Kenya Computer Incident Response Team Coordination Center (KE-CIRT/CC) report for the period July-September 2023, nearly 124 million cyber threat events were detected, a decrease of 11.36% from 139, 7 million recorded in the previous quarter.

Kenya third most affected country in the region

Christopher Wambua, spokesperson for the Communications Authority of Kenya, said the country's critical information infrastructure was the target of more than 855 million cyber threats between July 2022 and June 2023, making Kenya the third most affected country in the region. , behind South Africa and Nigeria.

System attacks are the most frequent

Statistics from the report showed that over 100 million of the detections involved system attacks. Particular mention was made of a DDoS attack on the e-citizen digital platform, which was briefly inaccessible in July following an attack claimed by Anonymous Sudan.

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10/24/2023 17:09

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