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Hacking black market: traffic of bugs and exploits on the rise

Black market explosion: searching for vulnerabilities in the digital age

Hacking mobile phones, particularly via apps like WhatsApp, is becoming increasingly expensive. Zero-day vulnerabilities have reached very high prices, demonstrating the importance of investing in security. Illegal trafficking in malware and spyware is growing, putting users' online privacy at risk. The protection of personal data is now a top priority.

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As security measures have evolved, hacking mobile phones has become an expensive business. Hacking techniques for apps like WhatsApp have reached astronomical prices, becoming worth millions of dollars. Indeed, a Russian company specializing in zero-day purchasing has offered $20 million for bug chains that would allow the remote compromise of iOS and Android phones. However, these prices could also be due to the limited availability of researchers willing to collaborate with Russia during the current political crisis.

The priority target: WhatsApp vulnerabilities

WhatsApp continues to be a primary target for government hackers, who often choose to use zero-day vulnerabilities that are making a comeback. This is because government hackers may only be interested in a target's WhatsApp chats, but are willing to use exploits that can compromise the entire device. Recently, WhatsApp, along with other platforms, was at risk of being attacked by the Pegasus virus, demonstrating the urgent need to protect the integrity of communications on this app.

The prices of vulnerabilities: a high cost of accessing WhatsApp

Starting in 2021, a zero-day that allows you to compromise WhatsApp on Android devices and access encrypted messages can cost between $1.7 and $8 million. This shows how valuable and sought after vulnerabilities for this app have become. Even on the black market, prices for specific app bugs have reached figures unthinkable until recently, highlighting the importance of investing in security and risk mitigation.

Challenging protections: the rise of illegal malware and spyware trafficking

Zero-day, malware and spyware are illegal and harmful products that have fueled a thriving black market, estimated to be worth millions of dollars. Despite improvements in security countermeasures, hacking of iOS and Android mobile devices remains a constant threat, especially through the use of techniques aimed at vulnerable apps such as WhatsApp. The growing demand for vulnerabilities and the threat of illicit products have created an environment where protecting personal data and online privacy has become a top priority.

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10/06/2023 08:02

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